I am an Early Career Researcher based at Imperial College London. My main research goal is to understand the mechanisms underlying species’ responses to global environmental change, particularly the effects of global warming and loss of natural habitats. I believe that, in order to understand the consequences of such changes, we must be able to explain why those same species were supposed to be in their habitats in the first place! I use experimental, empirical and theoretical approaches that range from microcosms to macro-ecological models.

I am a Marie Curie Fellow at Imperial and visiting researcher at the Centre for Research on Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO-UE / Portugal).

[Now hiring!] New postdoctoral position in aquatic ecology and biogeography with Miguel Matias and Miguel Araújo at CIBIO-UE.

Two new research grants starting in early 2016: TrophicResponse and StateShifts

Check out the latest news about the Iberian Ponds project and some of our outreach activities.

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